What we do

We provide local community events connecting business managers who want to improve their coaching skills with individuals who want to improve their business skills.

We match manager-as-coaches and participants from different companies and organizations within the community. We provide advance training to manager-as-coaches and also help participants prepare for the Coaching Roundtable day. Trained instructors facilitate all learning activities during and after the Coaching Roundtable.

  • Managers learn and practice applying coaching skills to develop their team members’ critical thinking skills, decision making skills, and business judgement.
  • Managers learn to use coaching skills selectively and intentionally in order to develop their teams.

Participants (coachees) receive one-to-one feedback and coaching on their communication and people-management skills.

  • In addition to receiving coaching, participants analyze and discuss a business case study, engage in a case study debrief, and practice delivering difficult feedback in a business setting.